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Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL Review

Samsung Reviews

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Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL Review

James Shisiah

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What we love

  • Smooth glass-and-matte-metal body
  • Large Internal Storage Options(32GB, 64GB, 128GB)
  • Amazing 16MP & 5MP cameras
  • 5.1-inch Super AMOLED Quad HD display
  • First unlocking with Fingerprint Scanner
  • Secure payments with NFC


Samsung never misses when it comes to manufacturing smartphones packed with the latest high spec technology. Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL is another addition to the flock of these high-end smartphones in the line of the S' flagship series. Launched in 2015, Galaxy S6 S90VL remains one of the fastest devices and has recently been upgraded to the Android 7.0 Nougat version. This 5.1-inch device with all-metal and glass body is a beautiful item to add to your possessions. Samsung always improves on device properties in every release; talk of improved performance, better camera, better screen resolution and much more.  After I received my Samsung Galaxy S6 S90VL and spent a couple of days with it, I came to the conclusion that it’s an incredible piece of hardware. Let’s find out more in this review.



Cutting the seal on the box and opening it up revealed the beautiful Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL. Other accessories in the box included manuals in different languages, some instructions, charger adapter, a USB cable, a pair of headphones and SIM ejecting tool. The battery is embedded, and generally, the device looks awesome, we are going to get into that in a while.



The Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL comes in different colors; blue topaz, gold platinum, white pearl, black sapphire. I prefer the black sapphire, and that is what I ordered. The Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL is entirely different from the previous Samsung S series devices. First, it comes with a non-removable battery, with the back totally sealed off. A micro SD slot is left out, but that's catered for with the large internal storage. As opposed to the plastic body covers in the previous Samsung Galaxy S' series flagship phones, the Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL is an all-metal body and glass design making it beautiful to behold. It's slimmer and lighter.

Both front and back are clad in Gorilla Glass and a metal strip snaking on the sides. The 5.1-inch phone fits comfortably in hand; I was able to operate the phone using just one hand. At the right side is the power button, on the left side, are the volume buttons. At the lower part of the device, is the speaker, microphone, charging port and the earphone jack. Going to the top side is the SIM card slot and a noise cancellation mic.

The front is covered by the spectacular Super AMOLED 5.1-inch Quad HD display. The lower part of the screen sits the home button which functions as a fingerprint scanner for fast unlocking of your phone. On the right of the home button is the back button and the recent apps button is on the left side.

The Gorilla glass at the back makes the device shiny and attractive to look at. The camera protrudes a little at the back, but that is nothing if you consider the quality of videos and pictures it takes. A heart rate monitor is also found at the back, just opposite the camera and below the flash.  Samsung invested a lot in this design, everything about the phone is perfectly on point.



The camera package rounds up the hardware bringing out the best specifications ever experienced in the Android Galaxy devices. The Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL comes with a 16 MP back camera and a 5 MP front camera. Both cameras have fast autofocus with f/1.9 aperture which brings out bright photos and videos in both low light shots and auto-HDR modes. I used the camera to shoot several videos and photos, even in motion and there was no blur. The camera works well in default mode, but if you want to get fancy and experiment you can switch on the pro mode. You can enjoy a lot of features in the pro mode; such as adjusting the focus and take advantage of the field provided by the f/1.9 aperture. Other modes the camera offers are slow motion, fast motion, selective focus, panorama, and virtual shots.

Samsung went overboard with video capturing technology on the Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL. It can capture video in 1080P, slow motion or 4K. The front camera produces brighter photos and is excellent for self-portraits. Video calling is remarkable, and you shouldn't think any lesser of it despite being 5 MP compared to the 16 MP back camera. The front camera has all the other back camera features.

Taking photos deep in the night is a breeze. The way Samsung process photos after capturing is impressive. You may find smudges and fuzziness when zooming on photos taken in the dark with other cameras, but with the Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL, the photos are clear and beautiful to look at. Scenes are well portrayed. The background is blurred appropriately to bring out the subject. With every launch of a Galaxy phone, Samsung always makes an improvement on the camera; the Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL is just that.

One thing to highlight about the camera is how Samsung made it easy to launch the camera app by double tapping the home button – whether it is locked or you are deep inside another app.



Samsung invests a lot in display technology, and the efforts are felt in this Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL SUPER AMOLED QUAD HD 5.1-inch display. The screen is just impressive, it shows everything brightly and clearly and even adjusts to all light conditions. The quality implemented into High Definition TV's from Samsung is brought into the display on the Samsung Galaxy S6 making it a magnificent view. It has an incredible resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels (~577 PPI pixel density).

What I found most impressive about this HD QUAD display, though, is its outstanding color reproduction. It's the kind of experience you get on high-resolution monitors. Dark scenes are shown off perfectly. Two words can describe this. Stunning Display! I enjoyed watching a lot of content on this screen. There's no better place to enjoy videos and photos taken by the 16 MP camera than on this HD QUAD display.



The Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL comes with a non-removable 2550 mAh battery. Samsung has optimized most operations by tweaking Operating System functions to ensure the battery lasts longer. I have been spending time with the device for a while and I found the battery life quite withstanding. Doing regular operations like a bit of browsing, checking my emails, a few calls during the day, and chatting; the phone was able to last a day out. Most of the time I am left with about 15% to 20%.

Wireless charging is also available on the Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL. It also supports fast charging; one morning I was in a hurry, and I had forgotten to charge the phone overnight, with about 15 minutes of charge, the phone lasted just over 4 hours. Fast charging is a cool feature. In about one hour, the battery is fully charged. Just impressive!



The Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL comes in several variants depending on the internal Storage. You can choose from the 32 GB, 64 GB, or 128 GB options. I made an order for the 32 GB variant, and that's what am using at the moment. I have taken a lot of photos and videos, downloaded a variety of songs, but still, storage space has not run out. An external microSD card slot was left out on the Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL so if you feel 32 GB of storage space is not enough, you can go for either the 64 GB or the 128 GB variant.



As you can expect from a combination of high-end specifications, the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL is fantastic. Starting from how fast it scans a fingerprint and unlocks, swiping and scrolling through various UI features, opening and switching between apps, multitasking and accomplishing general tasks is extremely smooth. What fascinated me most is how fast the camera launches when I double tap the home button from anywhere deep inside applications. I did not experience any lags or freezes in the UI even when handling intensive tasks like gaming or browsing while having several tabs on the browser. Animations were incredibly smooth and fluid while switching between apps or gaming.

To achieve such impressive performance, Samsung had to go overboard with the processor, RAM, and GPU. Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL is powered by an Octacore Exynos processor (4 cores running at 2.1 GHz, the other 4 cores running at 1.5 GHz). While other high-end smartphones run on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, they decided to use their home-made Exynos processor.

Paired with the processor is 3 GB of RAM, making everything on the phone extremely responsive. The Mali graphics unit combined with the RAM and processor produces a great gaming experience without noticeable slowdowns.

Out of the box, the phone comes running Android 5.0.2 Lollipop. As at the time of writing, it's upgradable to the latest version of Android; v7.0 Nougat. On top of the OS is Samsung's TouchWiz UI and a few other preinstalled applications. Samsung did not include a lot of preinstalled applications as compared to the previous Galaxy S' series. I felt good about this decision by Samsung because I didn't have to uninstall a lot of unused applications. You can still download the apps from Google Play Store by searching Samsung apps.

The phone comes with several sensors. On the home button is a fingerprint scanner that can be used to unlock the phone as well as authenticate Samsung Pay transactions. A heart rate monitor is also available, placed vertically on the side of the back camera - it works well with the Samsung Health Application. A proximity sensor for checking relative distance of the phone from objects. An accelerometer is available to sense movements and vibrations and also control characters in games. Also bundled in the phone is NFC and Infrared Sensors. Other sensors like a barometer, assisted GPS (aGPS), and GPS work together to pinpoint your exact location and helps in navigation.

Samsung Galaxy S6 S907VL supports different networks including 4G LTE and CDMA that operates on Verizon network hence accommodating the Straight Talk plan. It has Wi-FI capability and can create hotspots to share your internet connection.



  • 4G LTE/Wi-Fi.
  • 5.1-inch Display.
  • Android 7.0 Nougat
  • 16 MP back camera, 5 MP front camera.
  • Talk time up to 23 hours.
  • Non-removable 2,550 mAh battery.
  • RAM: 3GB.
  •  Internal Memory: 32 GB, (Other variants 64 GB, 128 GB).
  • 5.6''(H) x 2.7''(W) x .26''(D) inches
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Processor: Octa Core (quad 2.1GHz and quad 1.5GHz), Samsung Exynos SoC.
  • A-GPS/GSP Capabilities.

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