Motorola Edge (2020) In-Depth Review

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What We Love About Motorola Edge

  • Blazing fast 5G connectivity
  • Endless Edge display
  • 2 days battery life
  • Stunning design
  • Decent gaming performance
  • Headphone jack
  • Affordable Price

Motorola Edge Overview

With 5G speeds, stereo speakers, an Endless Edge display, and a long-lasting battery, the Motorola Edge is a powerful smartphone. Though the Motorola Edge looks very similar to the Moto Edge+, it is quite different feature-wise. The Motorola Edge+ is a full-fledged flagship smartphone, whereas the Moto Edge is intended to target the mid-range phone market.   

The Moto Edge is in close competition with the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G. It costs roughly half as much as the Moto Edge+ but is pricier than the Moto G series. The device is a perfect addition to the Motorola family. It goes further than any 5G phone by packing more power into a slightly thicker, curved screen. The device is named after its display that spans across the edge of the mobile phone. It features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor and 6GB RAM. The Motorola Edge also features a headphone jack, an increasingly rare feature nowadays in high-end budget smartphones. Let’s get into the in-depth Motorola Edge review. 

Unboxing Divider

Motorola Edge Unboxing

The device arrives in an elegant black colored box with the Motorola Edge branding on the top. The packaging feels sturdy and similar to the Moto Edge+. Opening the box reveals the device and another package on top that includes a transparent protective case. The device is wrapped in a protective film to prevent scratches. Removing the film shows the Solar Black colored phone. Underneath the phone lies another package that includes the product guides, warranty card, and SIM ejection tool. Below this box lies the 18W charging adapter and a Type-C cable.

What’s in the box:

  • Motorola Edge
  • Clear protective case
  • Product guides
  • SIM card ejection tool
  • Charging Adapter
  • USB Type-C cable

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Motorola Edge Design

Pairing a sleek aluminum frame with a slim, Endless Edge display, the Motorola Edge is an attractive phone that looks just as good in hand as it does on paper. The Endless Edge display stretches 6.7 inches diagonally and wraps nearly 90 degrees around both sides, virtually eliminating the side bezels and creating a truly immersive viewing experience. Unlike a notch, the punch-hole cutout selfie camera on the left corner does not interfere with your phone experience. 

The phone is available in a Solar Black color, and the back of the phone is iridescent. There’s no doubt that Moto Edge 5G looks like a flagship device, even better than some. The back also houses a triple rear camera setup with a Time of Flight sensor (ToF). The ToF sensor is useful for taking photos in low-light or dark areas. While the primary camera stands apart, the two other cameras and the ToF sensor have been placed together. The Moto logo is inscribed in the middle of the phone.

On the right edge of the device are the power key and volume rocker button. The power key has a textured surface, so it’s easy to find. The bottom edge hosts a 3.5 mm headphone jack, USB Type-C port, microphone, and a speaker. The secondary microphone and SIM card tray have been placed on the top edge.

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Motorola Edge Camera

Whether you’re shooting a breathtaking mountain vista or getting up close and personal with your favorite subject, Motorola Edge can capture it all in vivid detail. This Motorola phone features the following camera system:

  • 64 MP main camera
  • 16 MP ultra wide camera
  • 8 MP telephoto camera
  • 25 MP front camera

Take spectacular images and videos with the 64 MP sensor, the highest camera resolution in its class. With 64 MP of resolution, you can crop or edit photos without losing clarity. Bright f/1.8 lenses give the sensor adequate light for clicking better pictures. The intuitive camera app is easy to use, and advanced features ensure true-to-life color reproduction. Portrait mode works well by rightly detecting the subject’s edges and blurring the background.

With the 16 MP ultra-wide rear camera, the phone captures landscapes and moments with up to 4x more of the scene in the frame. You can also get 5x closer to the action to capture beautiful images with tiny details that make subjects come alive. The 8 MP telephoto lens allows you to capture the subject from a distance. Quad pixel binning results in an added boost of color accuracy and less noise in pictures.

Under good lighting, the Moto Edge snapped photos with great detail. Photos are instantly available to share on social media with friends and family. The Quad Pixel Technology combined with the ToF sensor give decent results in dark or low-lighting conditions. The best part? The Motorola Edge also provides excellent electronic video stabilization. That’s a big plus if you’re a vlogger or if you love to capture life’s special moments on your smartphone. Overall, we were satisfied with the camera’s performance.

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Motorola Edge Display

The phone comes with a 6.7-inch OLED display that stretches seamlessly to the edges. Motorola calls it the Endless Edge display. The display has an aspect ratio of 19.5:9 and a pixel resolution of 1080 x 2340. Whether you’re watching your favorite shows or playing the coolest games, a display that wraps neatly around both sides lets you see more. The HDR10+ certification means this is no ordinary display. See a billion shades of color and experience crisp, detailed images even in the brightest light.

Scroll smoothly through your social media feeds, and never miss a beat with the 90Hz refresh rate and enjoy impressive detail from every angle with a near bezel-less screen. The display is very responsive to touch, and gaming feels flawless with the 90Hz refresh rate. It is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 5. According to, Gorilla Glass 5 survives up to 1.2-meter, waist-high drops onto hard, rough surfaces. 

The display offers wide viewing angles and excellent color reproduction. A fingerprint sensor is also built into the display. Despite direct sunlight, the content on the screen could be clearly seen. Manual mode brightness was over 400 nits, while auto mode brightness was over 550 nits. Overall, we were impressed by the display performance as it exceeded our expectations.

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Motorola Edge Battery

Constant communication, photography, and heavy use – are just a few of the things that drain the battery. With the massive 4500mAh battery inside this device, you can spend more time talking, texting, clicking pictures, playing games, and scrolling your feeds. Motorola claims that the battery should last up to 2 days with a full charge. 

The OnePlus 8 Pro also has a similar battery capacity but costs more than the Motorola Edge. A 15W TurboPower charger that comes with the Moto Edge allows you to gain hours of battery life within minutes of charging. If you love to travel or are always on the go, the Moto Edge is a great choice, considering the long-lasting battery life.

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Motorola Edge Storage

The Motorola Edge features a massive 256GB of internal storage, ensuring you won’t have to clear content away from your phone. The phone can store all your high-quality pictures, videos, music, games, and all the necessary apps. 

Best of all? The storage is expandable up to 1 TB with a microSD card, allowing you to easily store thousands of photos and videos on the phone. Say goodbye to low storage warnings with the Moto Edge.

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Motorola Edge Performance

The Motorola Edge comes equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 processor and 6GB of RAM. The Snapdragon 765 redefines your entertainment experience with support for multi-camera configurations, AI capabilities for photographers to keep moving, and an all-day battery life to power your lifestyle. 

Graphic intensive games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty ran smoothly. Multitasking went without a hitch, and no significant lag was observed when switching between apps. The stereo speakers deliver clear and crisp sound even at high volumes. Watching movies and television shows on the device is entertaining. 

Exclusive Motorola features like Moto Gametime and My UX are a big plus. Gametime allows you to get the most out of your smartphone’s screen by letting you add touch-enabled shoulder buttons to the edge of the device for a console-like gaming experience. Simple hand gestures can be used to open the camera app, turn on the flashlight, or capture a screenshot. My UX lets you customize the home screen and other settings to help you add a personal touch to the device. The Moto app gives an edge to the device over other smartphones. The performance of the device didn’t disappoint us. If you’re looking for a mid-range device that challenges flagship-level performance, Moto Edge is the right choice for you.

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Where to Buy

Final Words About Motorola Edge

Experience more than just the power of 5G with the innovative new features that enhance every aspect of your life, from convenience, to entertainment, to safety. The Motorola Edge has a curved display, distinctive look, and premium feel, all with a price tag that’s perfect for a mid-range smartphone. With a battery that can go up to 2 days, the Moto Edge is built to let you do more of what you love. 

The device offers a near stock Android experience. We are happy with our experience with the smartphone. It’s the ideal choice for anyone looking for a flagship-like experience without paying a high price.

Specifications Divider

Motorola Edge Specifications

  • Android 10
  • 6.7 inches Endless Edge screen
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 processor
  • Adreno 620 GPU
  • 6GB RAM
  • 256GB internal storage
  • Rear cameras: 64 MP + 16 MP + 8 MP
  • Front Camera: 25 MP
  • 4500mAh battery
  • Sensors: In-display fingerprint reader, accelerometer, gyro, time of flight, and proximity sensor
  • Dimensions: 161.64 x 71.1 x 9.29 mm (6.36 x 2.80 x 0.37 in)

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorola Edge

Motorola Edge is a budget smartphone, whereas the Motorola Edge+ is a flagship smartphone.

Yes, the display of the Moto Edge is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The Moto Edge+ also features the same Gorilla Glass.

The Motorola Edge does not support wireless charging, but the Motorola Edge+ supports 15W wireless charging.

The device has a water-repellent design, but it is not waterproof. It can withstand minor splashes, spills, sweat, or light rain. 

Yes, both Motorola Edge and Motorola Edge+ support blazing-fast 5G.

The Motorola Edge was released on May 29, 2020.



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