Alcatel MYFLIP 2 In-Depth Review

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What We Love About Alcatel MYFLIP 2

  • Quad-Core processor
  • External display
  • Fast 4G LTE speeds
  • Google Assistant support
  • Real-time-text
  • Hearing aid compatibility
  • SOS button

Alcatel MYFLIP 2 Overview

Alcatel MYFLIP 2 is a good old-fashioned flip phone that comes with a modern twist. Discover an ultra-fast user interface, packed with features that are unheard of in a basic phone. The ergonomically designed large display and keypad facilitate quick calling and texting. It’s a stylish upgrade to the classic flip phone with all the essentials and no hassle.

With KaiOS (the best operating system for basic phones), this Alcatel phone has several superior features. Google Assistant and a quick dialing button are a big plus. Switch seamlessly between apps with the support of a Quad-Core CPU and 512MB of RAM. The user interface is simple and straightforward. Best of all? This classic flip phone actually offers 4G speeds. You’ll be able to enjoy light surfing on the web at high speeds. Let’s jump into the comprehensive Alcatel MYFLIP 2 review.

Unboxing Divider

Alcatel MYFLIP 2 Unboxing

The box has Alcatel branding at the top. Inside the box, you will find a transparent package containing the mobile phone with all its specifications. The black-colored phone appears sturdy and durable. Underneath the cell phone is the back cover, battery, wired charger, activation card, and quick start guide.

What’s in the box:

  • Alcatel MYFLIP 2 phone
  • Back cover
  • Battery
  • Wired AC charger
  • Activation card
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Terms & Conditions
Design Divider

Alcatel MYFLIP 2 Design

The device has a rugged exterior and looks well built. The external display will appeal to you as it is quite captivating. There is an emergency call button between the camera and the external display. In case of an accident, you can quickly dial the emergency number without lifting the phone. 

Opening the flip reveals the large display and backlit keypad. All the keypad letters are big and bold, making it easier for people with low vision to operate. While typing, the keys felt comfortable and responsive.

The headphone jack and micro USB port are on the left edge. On the right edge is the volume rocker button. The speaker is housed on the back of the phone. Overall, the Alcatel MYFLIP 2 looks sturdy and is designed for simplicity.

Camera Divider

Alcatel MYFLIP 2 Camera

The Alcatel device comes with a 2MP rear camera. The camera app is easy to use and the picture quality is good for a feature phone. Under optimal lighting conditions, pictures are much more clear and vivid. Color accuracy is on par with other basic phones. You can also record 480p videos at 30fps with the camera on this phone. Overall, the results from the camera exceeded our expectations.

Display Divider

Alcatel MYFLIP 2 Display

This Alcatel mobile phone comes with a 2.8-inch internal and 1.44-inch external display. The primary display on this phone is quite big as compared to other flip phones. The primary display handles the graphics well, as we had no trouble reading texts or emails. Surfing the internet and watching videos was also seamless. Under direct sunlight, maximizing the phone’s brightness provides a crisp and clear experience with the display.

Never miss important messages, calls, or texts, thanks to the external display. Also, bid adieu to opening the flip constantly for notifications. Overall, both displays are sharp, clear, and easy to read.

Battery Divider

Alcatel MYFLIP 2 Battery

Powered by a Lithium-ion 1350mAh battery, the phone offers 6.8 hours of talk time with 4G LTE. The standby time is up to 13.75 days. You won’t need to charge your mobile phone daily for calling, texting, and light web browsing. After an entire day of use, we were only able to kill 30% of the juice on this phone. No more battery worries! No more searching for a charger all the time. Stay in constant contact with those who matter with the brilliant battery life of this flip phone.

Storage Divider

Alcatel MYFLIP 2 Storage

This mobile phone comes with an internal storage of 4GB. You can further expand the storage with an SD card. However, most people won’t need more storage with basic flip phones.

Performance Divider

Alcatel MYFLIP 2 Performance

The device is powered by KaiOS and has a reliable Quad-Core processor. Switching between multiple apps did not slow the phone down. Texting and calling have never been easier. We loved the google assistant support on the phone. Using voice commands to launch apps or search the web is a breeze.

Real-time-text is another amazing feature, allowing you to read messages right away as they are being typed. Unlike its predecessor, this phone lets you access WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Assistant, Maps, and YouTube directly from the home screen. We didn’t detect any lag with a longer period of use. Despite its low price, the performance is pretty impressive. 

Need more apps and games on this basic phone? KaiStore has you covered with the latest games & apps available for quick download. This phone is easy to use, with no unnecessary bells and whistles. We could not have asked for more from a flip phone.

Final Words About Alcatel MYFLIP 2

Alcatel MYFLIP 2 is a modern flip phone designed with simplicity in mind. Navigate conveniently with the intuitive interface, big buttons, and easily viewable screen. Reach emergency services with just the tap of a single button. No more opening the flip every time you receive an important notification. The phone is very well-suited for the elderly. 

We encountered no major problems, and the device worked as expected. It is an impressive device if you want to talk, text, and access 4G for light web browsing. We loved the fact that Google Assistant worked flawlessly on this phone. All you need is your voice to get things done. The phone is well worth your money and will not disappoint you. Don’t hesitate any longer – order it today!

Specifications Divider

Alcatel MYFLIP 2 Specifications

  • Display: internal display 2.8-inch and external display 1.44-inch
  • Quad core processor
  • ROM/RAM: 4GB/512MB
  • 4G connectivity
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 2MP rear camera
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 1350mAh battery capacity
  • Google Assistant support
  • Dimensions: 4.13 x 2.09 x 0.76 inches

Frequently Asked Questions About Alcatel MYFLIP 2

Alcatel MyFlip 2 is a modern flip phone with basic smartphone features.

Yes, Alcatel flip phones have all the necessary features required in a feature phone. They are reasonably affordable and are user-friendly.

Yes, the phone supports WiFI.

Yes, the Alcatel MyFlip 2 supports 4G LTE.

You can easily text with this Alcatel flip phone. It has a T9 keypad with big, bold, and backlit letters.

The Alcatel MyFlip 2 was released in December 2020.

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Disclosure: Review Cellular is reader supported. When you buy through links on this site, we will earn an affiliate commission.