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LG X Style L56VL Review

LG Reviews

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LG X Style L56VL Review

James Shisiah

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What We Love

  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
  • 4G LTE fast internet connectivity
  • Powerful 1.3GHz Quad-core processor
  • Wide view 5-inch High Definition display
  • Corning Gorilla Glass for enhanced screen protection
  • Decent front and back cameras
  • Slim & Elegant Design
  • 1.5GB RAM


Meet the LG X Style L56VL, a smartphone that speaks elegance and style. It's a 5-inch gadget whose exterior feels and looks premium. Most importantly, it comes running the fluid Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow which holds some of the latest user interface features. The LG X Style L56VL  comes in two variants with totally similar features, the difference being LG X Style L56VL uses CDMA network, while LG X Style L53BL uses GSM. Now the LG X Style L56VL which is a CDMA phone will be activated on the Verizon network, so be sure to check that you have Verizon cell towers/coverage in your home area before making an order. I found the LG X Style L56VL  to possess some really cool features which we will find out as we go along, but first, let's see what you expect to find in the box.



The LG X Style L56VL is a prepaid smartphone which you can order from Straight Talk. The purchase box includes the LG X Style L56VL, battery, wall adapter, standard USB cable, activation card, service guide, and a quick start guide. Once you've inserted the battery, setup is easy and straightforward. From here, we shall move on to the design.



The exterior of the LG X Style L56VL is so beautifully designed that it feels and looks premium hence the appropriate naming -  LG X Style L56VL. It's very slim and feels really lightweight in hand. It's also a 5-inch device which is large enough to provide a better viewing angle and still fits perfectly in one hand. So let's take a look around the phone.

The layout of buttons is typical, unlike other Straight Talk LG phones which usually have no buttons on the sides, this one has. The volume rockers sit on the left edge while the power button on the right edge. The upper edge only has the noise cancellation mic. The bottom edge has the headphone jack, the microUSB port, as well as your mic.

The 5-inch display sits on the front with the floating navigation buttons on the lower part of the screen, which is a norm of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. There are no physical navigation buttons on this device. The upper part of the display has the front facing camera, the ambient light sensor as well as your earpiece.

Coming to the back cover, it feels flat and smooth. We have the back camera and the LED flash on the upper part and the speaker on the lower part. The back cover is also removable to reveal the battery, the slots for the SIM and the microSD. In case you get the LG X Style L56VL  and wonder where the microSD slot is; the microSD slot is just above the SIM slot. That concludes our tour around the phone, so we move on to the features.



The LG X Style L56VL packs two decent cameras that shoot high-resolution videos and very bright photos regardless of the lighting conditions. Both cameras are 5MP, and I found them to pack very impressive features. The phone captures videos with a resolution of up to 1280x720 pixels.

The back camera has LED flash to take care of taking pictures in low light setting. Now, even though the front camera lacks a LED flash, it amazed me with how it adapts to darkness. When taking a selfie in low light settings, the screen brightens up around the sides hence illuminating your face or friends' faces if you are taking a group selfie. The selfies come out even brighter as if a LED flash was involved. If you like a phone that you can use to take pictures no matter the level of light, then you won't regret picking the LG X Style L56VL.

Here are even fancier features the camera offers starting off with the Auto Shoot. When you turn this feature on, once your face is detected the phone automatically takes a shot. Facial recognition works really fast, capturing awesome selfies with no hands, thanks to the incredible processing power of the phone.

You can start the camera app by pressing the volume down button twice. Then once you are in position, take a photo by pressing the volume down once. There are those fast-occurring moments you don't want to miss while trying to unlock your phone or find the camera app; personally, I loved this feature for that reason.

The camera supports voice capture. Again, another feature that allows you take pictures without pressing buttons. With the camera app open, take a pose alone or with friends and simply say 'Cheese,' or 'LG,' or 'Whisky' and the phone will capture your pictures.

You can take pictures or selfies using a gesture. This being the third camera feature that allows you to take photos- hands-free! When the gesture shot is activated, you simply raise your hand in a clenched fist, once the camera detects it and shows a box on the screen, you unclench the fist. The camera starts the timer allowing you time to pose. Using this feature, I took so many group photos by positioning the camera on a raised surface and using my hand gesture to capture.

The rear camera supports burst shots where you press and hold the capture button to take as many photos in a row till the capture button is released. The front camera supports interval shot in which you touch and hold the capture button to take up to4 selfies in a row.

Do I need photos or a video? If you are attending an occasion and are wondering what you need, then this feature will amaze you - the live shot feature. While recording a video, you can still take pictures. So, with the LG X Style L56VL, you don't have to worry because you can take both. The pictures come out clear and bright. I didn't notice any motion blurriness.
Other typical features of the camera include geotagging, panorama, instant share on social platforms, adjusting brightness, 4X digital zoom, and HDR Capture.



The LG X Style L56VL  boasts of a 5-inch high definition display with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels. This being an HD screen, Photos and videos show up in details. I liked the brightness of the screen both indoors and outdoors. The phone has an ambient light sensor that detects the level of lighting in the immediate environment then adjusts the screen brightness accordingly. When outdoors, the screen brightens up so that you can see items on it easily. When you get in low light environment, the backlighting dims so that it doesn't affect your eyesight with too much light.

One other thing that makes the phone feel high-end is the Corning Gorilla Glass 3. It gives your screen protection for extra durability.
Otherwise, the screen is very responsive even to the slightest touch, and the fact that it's HD makes the LG X Style L56VL  premium and a worthy possession.



LG X style L56VL comes with a 2100mAh battery that gives you a talk time of up to 9 hours and a standby of up to 8 days. Since the LG X Style L56VL  doesn't have an extremely large display, the battery should take you through a full day of typical usage; you know like making phone calls, texting, replying to emails or playing music. However, intensive operations that keep the screen on, or those that require the phone to stay connected to the internet consistently like video streaming usually drain the battery faster. In such a case, you will have to find a charging outlet in about five hours, according to my findings.
One good thing about the LG X Style L56VL  is that it has a removable battery. So, you can always have a spare with you, in case your primary battery runs out.



Onboard the LG X Style L56VL  is an internal storage capacity of 8GB, with only 4GB available for your use. The storage may be a limiting factor if you plan to hold lots of stuff on the phone, and especially now that it has decent cameras that give one an appetite for shooting photos and videos. Good thing though, it has an external microSD slot which supports a memory card of up to 32GB. Though not sold with the phone, you can get one from the local stores and upgrade your storage capacity. The internal storage is still sufficient to hold the necessary apps to get by, which the phone comes already installed.



The LG X Style L56VL performance is incredible since it's running the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow which is very fluid and comes with additional features and improved user experience. Secondly, it has improved processor speed and more RAM compared to other phones in the same tier. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.3GHz quad-core processor paired with 1.5GB of RAM powers the LG X Style L56VL. While most phones in this line have a quad-core processor running at most 1GHz and RAM below 1GB, I think the resources on the LG X Style L56VL puts it on the same scale with high-end devices.

Some of the great usability features that one enjoys when they have an Android 6.0 Marshmallow phone is, like mentioned earlier, the fluidity of the user interface. Given the phone has sufficient RAM and a powerful quad-core processor, animations show up smoothly. You don't experience any lag whatsoever.

The LG X Style L56VL  has an Adreno 304 GPU, so the graphics are great. I mean, it can handle any game. Finding a phone that can play intensive games and high-resolution videos without breaking the bank, I think is a great thing.

Thanks to the Android 6.0 version, the LG X Style L56VL has the 'Google Now On Tap' feature. This feature allows you to get information about what's on your screen. How it works: from any screen, hold down the home button, Google uses what's on your screen to show related info, apps, and actions. For example, a friend texts about a restaurant meeting. While on the conversation screen, hold the home button and see Google suggesting the nearby restaurants. Cool, isn't it?

Speed and performance are what comes packed with the LG X Style L56VL. A quad-core processor combined with the 4G LTE high-speed connectivity means fast load speeds and more rapid interpretation of received data. I noticed this while navigating on live Google Maps and unnoticeable buffering on YouTube video streaming.

The phone also has a built-in artificial intelligence to interpret voice commands which I found to be an excellent feature. We saw this in the camera section, and it doesn't just end there. With the Google voice search, you can use your voice to create and send emails, search places, send text messages, find directions and navigate on Google Maps.

Other typical features the phone comes with include Bluetooth, Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer, Wi-Fi, and GPS. Although this is a mid-tier phone, LG did not compromise a lot on features. Personally, I had no issues with performance. Below is a list of specifications.



  • 4G LTE/Wi-Fi/CDMA.
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.3GHz.
  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.
  • Camera: 5MP back. 5MP front.
  • 5.0-inch High Definition screen.
  • Battery: Removable 2100mAh. Talk time up to 9 hours. 8 days standby.
  • Internal Memory 8GB. Supports microSD card of up to 32GB.
  • RAM: 1.5GB.
  • Dimensions: 5.7''(Height) x 2.8''(Width) x 0.2''(Depth) inches.
  • Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Technology.
  • Proximity/Ambient light sensor.
  • Accelerometer.
  • A-GPS/GPS Capabilities.