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Huawei Pronto LTE H891L P5 Review

Huawei Reviews

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Huawei Pronto LTE H891L P5 Review

James Shisiah

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What we Love

  • High-speed internet with 4G LTE
  • Powerful 1.2GHz Quad-core processor
  • Large and bright 5-inch display


Huawei Pronto H891L falls in the class of some of the advanced entry-level prepaid phones from Simple Mobile, Net 10, and Straight Talk.  It is a 5-inch device that features a quad-core processor and ships with Android 4.4 KitKat. It's a 4G LTE enabled device so you can expect to experience incredible speeds both in performance and internet data transfer.

While the Huawei Pronto H891L has a fairly large display (5-inch is not small), it is actually a smaller version of another prepaid phone called Huawei Raven LTE. The two phones are awesome and have moderately similar features, the main difference being in size: while Huawei Pronto H891L  is 5-inch in size, Huawei Raven H892L  is 5.5-inch in size. I have been using the Huawei Pronto H891L, so far, the experience has been great, including the various wireless plans it supports. Read on to find out. 



The Huawei Pronto is available directly from Net 10 Wireless, Simple Mobile or Straight Talk Wireless websites. The packaging includes the smartphone, battery, wall adapter charger, standard USB cable, a pair of headsets, service guide, and a quick startup guide. 



Huawei Pronto H891L is a 5-inch device with slightly rounded corners. It has a flat plastic cover. The external layout is quite typical. Power and volume buttons are on one side of the device - the right-hand side. The charging port, as well as your microphone, are located on the bottom part of the display. The headphone jack and the noise cancellation mic are located on the upper part of the phone. On the back, we have the camera with a LED flash. We have your main speaker on the lower side of the back cover.

Coming to the front, we have the 5-inch display which is pretty large, with a black chrome going around the frame. The front camera lies on the upper part of the screen and navigation buttons on the lower part of the display. The back button is on the left, the home button at the center and the recent apps button sits on the right.

It's worth mentioning that the phone has a status indicator light. The design is slick and the thinness of the device makes it stand out.



Huawei Pronto H891L features a 5MP back camera and a 2MP front camera. This camera has some of the amazing features you would wish for in a phone. It supports a variety of capture scenarios, such as scenery, portrait, dynamic, panoramic, audio control and burst capture modes. It can also support filters like beauty, and smart. I even found out one fantastic feature - the back camera supports High Dynamic Range (HDR). HDR imaging technology improves details in the lightest and darkest areas of photos for true-to-life quality. What is even more interesting is you can take an audio photo by recording a brief audio clip after you take a photo. The back camera can capture quality 720p videos as well.

I have used most of the camera features on the Huawei Pronto and it continues to impress me. Video calling using the front camera is also incredible. The 2MP front camera performs well in bright conditions hence appropriate for selfies.



The display on Huawei Pronto H891L is quite amazing. A 5-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels is a rare quality to find on an entry-level device. The phone produces sharp colors and bright pictures. Video quality is superb. When it comes to outdoor visibility, the phone tries to perform. I didn't find myself struggling too much to view items on the screen while outside my house.

Also, worth of a mention is the screen plays high-quality 720p videos. I enjoy watching a lot of content on YouTube; the screen performs awesomely even on high definition. If you enjoy YouTube content and general internet streaming, you will love the Huawei Pronto.



Onboard the Huawei Pronto H891L is a battery with a capacity of 2200mAh. I found the battery life on the Huawei Pronto to be average. There are days when I stay out all through, so I always appreciate a phone that can stay on for as long as it takes. Huawei Pronto battery life tries to keep up, although sometimes I have to find a charging outlet before the day ends.

The battery gives the phone a talk time of almost 7 hours and a standby of up to 16 days. The battery drains faster when playing games or on intense internet usage -for example, YouTube, Google Maps, gaming. And it may require charging after some hours. However, with typical usage, like making calls, texting, checking emails, a little bit of browsing and social media, the phone can hold throughout a working day.



Internal storage on the Huawei Pronto H891L is 4GB. The internal storage may seem small, but fortunately, the phone supports an external microSD card of up to 32GB. It's not included with the phone though, but you can purchase and upgrade your storage capacity hence another welcome feature.



Huawei Pronto H891L ships with Android 4.4 KitKat. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2GHz quad-core processor paired with 1GB of RAM. I found the performance of the device to be incredible. The screen is totally responsive. You can notice smooth animations when switching between apps.

The speed of data transfer is impressive. Given that it is 4G LTE enabled, internet speeds are maximum when operating within your allocated data plans. Loading YouTube videos is super-fast, and also the video quality is great. Not forgetting, watching videos on the large 5-inch display is something I truly enjoy. Sound quality, I can say, is above average and I had no problem listening to music on loudspeaker. 

The phone comes already installed with most user apps like Gmail, Browser, Google Maps, Google Drive, Hangouts, YouTube, Play Music, and more. And of course you can still download paid and free apps from over a million apps on Google Play Store.

Amongst the navigation buttons on the screen is a recent apps button which when touched, a tabbed list of recently launched apps pops up. This brings in the element of multitasking. Switching between recently launched apps is super-fast with smooth transitions. The phone has a quad-core processor, so there is no issue with performance.

The phone includes other connectivity features and sensors such as proximity sensor, accelerometer, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, and Wi-Fi. Accelerometer sensor is used to activate functions by tilting or shaking your phone, for example playing the next song in the list when you tilt your phone. GPS facilitates navigation in Google Maps, I found the Maps application to be very responsive and fast when zooming in and out on locations, and it loaded places quick enough. The overall performance of the Huawei Pronto is fantastic thanks to the quad-core processor and the 1GB RAM onboard.



  • 4G LTE/ Wi-Fi/GSM.
  • 5-inch Screen.
  • 5MP back camera, 2MP front camera.
  • Battery Capacity: 2200mAh. Talk time up to 6.6 hours Standby time up to 16 days.
  • Internal Memory: 4GB. Supports microSD Card up to 32GB (though not included).
  • RAM: 1GB.
  • 5.68'' (H) x 2.86'' (W) x 0.35'' (D) inches.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Technology.
  • Processor: Qualcomm 1.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor.
  • GPS Capabilities.
  • Hearing Aid Compatible.
  • Sensors: proximity, accelerometer.